High-Stakes Marital Dissolution

To ensure an equitable division of marital property, we are routinely called upon to determine the values of business holdings in high net worth marital dissolution matters. These valuation engagements may include the following types of analyses and assets:

  • Active versus Passive Appreciation
  • Businesses Enterprises and Fractional Equity Interests
  • Complex Financial Instruments (e.g., Stock Options, Warrants, Restricted Stock, etc.)
  • Personal and Enterprise Goodwill
  • Professional Practices (e.g., Medical, Dental, Financial, etc.)

Additionally, we provide forensic accounting services (both investigative analysis and litigation support) to ensure fair proceedings and equitable settlements. We offer a wide range of forensic accounting services, including:

  • Income/Expense Analysis
  • Lifestyle (Standard of Living) Analysis
  • Determination of Reasonable Compensation
  • Asset Tracing for Dissipation and Non-Marital Claims
  • Rate of Return Analysis

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