State Courts & Arbitrations

Matters heard in state courts and arbitration venues may be subject to various rules of evidence regarding expert reports and testimony.  We have substantial experience providing expert reports and testimony in various venues for a variety of purposes.

The following are representative examples of matters in which we have provided narrative reports and expert testimony in state courts and arbitration venues:

  • Automobile Industry Special Binding Arbitration Program, Federal Arbitration
  • City of Chicago v. Chicago Park District, Illinois Circuit Court, Chancery Division
  • Glen W. Rollins v. LOR, Inc., Superior Court of Fulton County, Georgia
  • In Re Pamrapo Bancorp Shareholder Litigation, Superior Court of New Jersey
  • In Re Trust of Kay Joan Brown; Circuit Court for the County of Huntington, Indiana
  • Leslie J. Weiss v. Sugar, Friedberg & Felsenthal, Illinois Circuit Court
  • Patriot Group, LLC v. Hilco Financial, Illinois Circuit Court, Chancery Division
  • Telechron of Florida v. General Electric Company, Federal Arbitration
  • Tong Hu v. Sun Holdings, Illinois Circuit Court, Chancery Division
  • Warberg Opportunistic Trading Fund v. GeoResources, Supreme Court of New York

Practice Specialists

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Managing Principal

David G. Clarke, ASA
Managing Principal